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Estepona Personal Trainer Courses Shares 10 Top Weight Loss Tip

Useful tips to help you lose weight

Everyone desires to lose weight, have a slim and toned body and get a healthy and fit lifestyle. A few valuable tips can help you make changes to your lifestyle and lose those extra pounds. Learning personal trainer courses in Estepona is an easy option, wherein you allow a fitness expert to guide you through this process.

Have a good breakfast

The most important meal of your day is breakfast. Ensure that you have a heavy and healthy breakfast consisting of fresh fruit or juice, eggs, oats, brown bread sandwich etc. A breakfast that is high in protein and fiber keeps you feeling full till the next meal and you are less likely to reach out for unhealthy snacking items. Personal Trainer Courses Estepona teach their students proper nutrition advice.

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Have smaller and frequent meals

Nutrition experts at the Estepona personal training certification recommend you must have smaller meals during the day. This ensures that your body gets only as much food as it requires. The food is digested easily and there are less chances of overeating.

Exercise at least thrice a week

Do different types of exercises at least thrice a week. If you have a personal trainer in Estepona, get an exercise schedule charted out for you and get involved in doing squats, cardio, skipping, weights and running.

Take the stairs

If you are someone who cannot find time to exercise regularly due to your schedule, this is one great option to lose weight. Avoid taking the lift and walk up and down the stairs as many times as you can. It helps in working out all muscles of your lower body.

Drink water-lots of it

Many a times our body mistakes thirst for hunger. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water and wait for some time. Chances are that you will feel full and not have any hunger pangs for some time. Drinking lots of water also helps flush out toxins from the body.

Ditch sugar-loaded drinks

Drinks such as soda, tea, coffee, cola etc contain large amounts of sugar. Cut down your consumption of these drinks and notice a considerable difference in your weight.

Have fresh fruit as desert

Avoid having cakes, candies or ice creams as dessert and replace them with fresh fruit or mixed fresh fruit salad.

Load up on fibre

High fibre foods such as fruits, vegetables, oats, brown rice, wholegrain bread, cereals etc help you feel full and aid digestion, thus helping the weight loss process.

Avoid night time eating

Keep some dry fruits, fresh fruits or fruit juice ready for those hunger cravings that you get at night. Avoid eating sweetened or oily items since they are responsible for fat accumulation and weight gain.

Get a workout buddy

Find a friend who is keen on losing weight and share your weight loss goals with him/her. You can do workouts together or go for brisk walks. Your workout buddy can be your motivation for whenever you feel discouraged. You can even do quite a number of physical activities together such as high intensity football, basketball, tennis, relay racing or swimming.

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve weight loss by making small changes to your lifestyle. Since Estepona fitness experts are qualified and have experience in the fitness industry, hiring an Estepona personal trainer can help you lose weight faster and maintain a slim and fit body.

If you would like more information on this fantastic Costa Del Sol personal training course being held in Estepona which is just a stones throw away from Marbella, Malaga and Gibraltar, contact us today for more information!

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